Community Care Fund

Walla Walla Police Foundation

The Walla Walla Police Foundation has established a community care fund to provide emergency financial assistance to community members in need. Community members in need could include victims of crimes such as domestic violence or human trafficking, or someone that just needs a handup, a hotel room for the night, or a tank of gas to get out of town to escape an abusive relationship.

WWPD Officers in years past have routinely reached into their own pockets to help those in need. The Walla Walla Police Foundation with help from its Community Partners will provide officers discretionary funds to assist a community member in need.

Community Partners

  • Bob and Dolores Jackson
  • Charlene Pepin
  • Dan and Becky Thomas
  • Dean and Dicta Mills
  • Dwayne and Wendy Schild
  • Gary and Mary Jo Duncan
  • Gayla Fickel
  • Joel Adamo
  • Linda Alva
  • Linda Kuhn
  • Marcia Plocharsky
  • Michael and DeLona Bell
  • Rhiannon Bockus Walthew
  • Russel Brooks and Edith Mailolo
  • William Wright
  • Zalaznik & Associates, PLLC
Consider making a donation to the Community Care Fund to have your name or business listed on this page as a “Community Partner”. Personal contributions shall be in excess of $250 for your name to appear on this page, and business contributions in excess of $500.


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